Ranger Defensemen Clients

Our goal is to focus on the IQ and skills that a defenseman requires in today’s modern game.

“Working with my clients has been an whole new, amazing experience. I love coaching and teaching defensemen. It has become a passion of mine to share the knowledge I’ve attained through years of training from some of the best coaches in the NHL to the trial and error processes that go with it.” – Paul Ranger

Paul Ranger's Clients

The learning environment Ranger Defensemen provides is paramount when it comes to teaching the mental side of the game, or ‘IQ,’ if you will.  Small groups, over four weeks, and constant attention means development in this difficult area to teach.  Long term learning, rather than a camp style program, allows the lessons taught to stay with the defenseman over the long term.

As a coach, I strive to provide positive, constructive sessions where open questions are welcomed and learning and applying are the main goals.  The player/coach relationship at Ranger Defensemen is one of mutual respect and work collectively to achieve greatness.

We work together (players and coach) to build a framework for the defensemen to learn and play from the foundation up.  In order to become the best defenseman one can be, to realize your untapped potential, and to truly develop and apply all of your physical skills, it must start with a foundation.  It is a massive confidence builder and allows any defenseman to use their best attributes within the framework of Ranger Defensemen.

Ranger Defensemen provides a unique program that teaches the parts of the game that ‘can’t be taught.’  Agents, parents, general managers and coaches from the highest levels of hockey have all provided feedback on their players after going through the Ranger Defensemen program and the reviews have been extremely positive.
Elite defensemen, who have those physical skills of skating, shooting, passing and puckhandling, are ready for this program.  Skating and skills is important.  Now, let’s put it all together and get to the next level.