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“Gearing up for the NHL and OHL Draft years are a special time. Make the most it with our elite individual and team training packages.”  – Paul Ranger

Paul Ranger Training

Training Packages

Training packages are set over longer periods of time rather than a “camp” style program. It takes time to learn IQ and practice the lessons being taught and this is the most efficient way to learn. Each week provides new and reviewed skills and IQ and allows the player to use and practice these skills over the course of the week in practices and games with their home teams when in season.

Elite Summer Training Package

8 sessions over 4 weeks (1 hour per session).

This package will work on all aspects of the modern game as well as specialized situations. (max 6 defensemen).

Players will learn and practice both foundational skill sets and IQ. This package will either work on A) all aspects of the game or B) specialized versions for defensive play, breakout and transitional play or offensive play. This package is available in both private and semi-private (maximum 4 defensemen) lessons.

Please refer to the schedule for upcoming package availability. Please contact for private 1 on 1 packages.

Assessment Package

An individualized assessment from Paul Ranger. Paul will watch player at 2 games and assess the player in the following: defensive zone play, breakout efficiency, rush play, neutral zone transition play, and offensive zone play. Paul will provide a formal assessment report to the parent/player with strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas to focus on for improvement.

The purpose of watching 2 separate games is to nullify any “off” games by the player and to get a better overall understanding the talents of the player. This will better allow the player and parent to focus their resources where they see fit in the future whether it be skills, power skating, and/or position specific training.

Reserved for AA, AAA and Junior Players playing games in the Greater Toronto Area.

Price: $375

Team Training

Ranger Defensemen is offering special team training sessions for your team’s defensemen and overall team defense. Working with both coaches and players, Paul will give teaching points and cues for coaches to continue to teach the philosophy on being the best defensemen possible. Truly elite skills for every level will be taught over the long term. Please contact for packages and rates.

Team Training Package

Sessions with team during team practice (Details and scheduling to be to be organized with Head Coach of team).

Paul Ranger Team Training in Whitby

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What our defensemen have to say

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul Ranger this past summer. I consider the experience extremely valuable to my hockey development. Paul brought energy and positivity to every session where we worked on all aspects of defensive skills. He definitely has the knowledge and the insightfulness of what it takes to play defense in today’s game. Paul is a great person and I would recommend him to any defenseman looking to take their game to the next level."
Paul Ranger preparation for OHL

– Jack Duff

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” 
Arthur Ashe